Ocean to Ocean….and Back – Thanks for Reading

So no post yesterday as it was our last day and my blog time was consumed by packing. The Hotel Del Coronado gave us another day of relaxing. We started with breakfast at a local cafe outside of the hotel grounds. It happened to be next to the Coronado visitor center and after breakfast we learned about the history of Coronado.

After a short sit at the pool we pulled Ryan away from the video game he had been playing for the last two days we took a 4 person bike ride. For those of you have not seen one these machines see the pic below.


So we rented this torture machine for an hour and they even gave us an extra 30 minutes. While it was nice to be spending time together and we did get to see more of Coronado, I prefer to be in control of the bike by myself. So after 45 minutes we were back to where we started and another “experience” under out belt.








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