End of the road

Even though we are on vacation it seems we continue to have early starts to our day. Yesterday was no exception. So as I mentioned in the last post we were turning in the RV yesterday. We were required to return it semi clean on the inside and of course we had to pack. While it was nice to travel with our home we still had to pack it back up, clean it, and return it by 10:30 AM. This didn’t seem like as much fun. So at 7 AM there we were packing and cleaning and after picking up our rental car for the remainder of the trip, we rolled into the RV rental location at 10:30 on the button.

So here are a few stats worth noting about our RV trip. We covered over 2700 miles in 14 days. Lost one hub cap, broke two bikes, and spent over $1100 on gasoline…..it was a blast.

And here are the top 10 things I learned about driving an RV (in no particular order):

  1. If you think you can fit in a tight space….you can’t.
  2. People who run RV parks are likely not rocket scientists….probably not high school graduates either.
  3. If you don’t like a quiet ride then do NOT rent an RV.
  4. City sewer is a luxury we have at home….don’t take it for granted.
  5. If you think you have passed the last gas station for awhile, you probably have.
  6. Anything over 10 mpg in an RV is considered super efficient.
  7. If the RV park chains the fence to the main gate at night, move to another RV park.
  8. Before living in an RV for awhile, try living together in half of one room in your house first.
  9. If you want to drive fast, do not drive an RV.
  10. If you have the time, want to have a great trip with your family, and get to see a whole lot of our country, rent an RV.

After returning the RV it was off to Santa   Monica and the Georgian Hotel on Ocean Ave. Beautiful view of the ocean, close to the third street promenade and also the fishing pier. Adam and Surreina met us at the hotel and then we were off to start our tour of the Los Angeles.


Santa Monica is also the official end of Rt 66 so it was only appropriate that we took a picture of us at the Will Rogers plaque at the end of the road.

End of the road

End of the road

First we hit the food trucks over near the LACMA (Lost Angeles County Mueseum of Art) which seemed like a popular place for lunch and had the largest piece of the Berlin Wall outside of Germany.


After lunch we headed to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive to check out where the beautiful people shop. Also checked out some cool cars parked on the street.



From Beverly Hills it was back to Santa Monica to walk the third street promenade. Checked out the street performers which included dancers, singers, magicians, and even a yo yo perfomer. Everyone wants to be a star in LA.

After our stroll we cleaned up and got some Mexican food for dinner. At this point everyone was ready for bed because it was going to be….another early start.


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