California Adventure

So Disney has taken crowd management to a whole new level. If you have been to Disney you are familiar with their fast pass system. This is basicallt a system that allows you to skip to te front of the line at a specified time for a specified ride. Now not all rides are part of this system and you can only get one fast pass for one ride at a time. Its not a bad system but honestly should be a sign to simply stay away unless you want to spend your day waiting on lines.

Well yesterday we went to California Adventure ( a studio based theme park). Now Deb had done the proper reconaissance the night before and determined we needed to get into the park early and get a fast pass for the light show in the evening and one for the radiator springs ride (a thrill ride themed around the movie Cars). So we get out ticket for the light show and then head to the fast pass distribution spot for the Cars ride. As we walked past a long line of people we realized that this line was to get the fast pass we were needed. So I waited 20 minutes to get a ticket so that I can wait on another line 6 hours later (which was the time I was scheduled to use my fast pass ticket). I am thinking this is simply amazing. We come to find out later that when this ride had first opened, people waited two hours to get a ticket to then wait another two hours to get on the ride. 4 hours to get on a ride that lasts no more than 2 minutes! I don’t think so. Yesterday there were people waiting two hours on the standby line to get on this ride! I was simply amazed that people would even do that. The ride was fun but in no way worth that kind of wait.

So although I may be complaining here, the day overall was fun. The kids hit all the rides they wanted to ride. Deb and I got to dance with an 80’s music band and the water light show at the end of the day was pretty good. A few pics below from the day:

California Adventure ferris wheel in background

California Adventure ferris wheel in background

Cars Land and Rt 66 Icons (seems fitting)

Cars Land and Rt 66 Icons (seems fitting)

Today is a sad day as we turn in our RV for a more practical minivan. We will be making our last official stop on Rt 66, Santa Monica. This is the official end of Rt 66 (or beginning if you are pointed east). More than 2/3 done with our trip we will spend our next days in LA with Uncle Adam and then the last three days relaxing on the beach in San Diego. Will keep posts coming. Stay tuned….



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