The happiest place on earth

Yes we were spending our first full day in California at the happiest place on earth. That is if crying kids, long lines, and expensive fast food makes you happy. Ok, maybe that is not the best attitude towards this part of our trip. Well here is a short summary

We got another early start with breakfast in the RV so that we could get on the shuttle to the park. Today we chose Disneyland (tomorrow is California Adventure). We hit most of the thrill rides first to avoid longer lines later in the day. Caught the parade in the middle of the day and then a few more rides before getting some dinner in the park. The kids soaked themselves a few times at splash mountain and we ended our day with the fantasmic light and water show (was not half bad).

After the show we headed for the shuttle (along with the everyone else) and then back to the RV. I can’t believe we are doing this again tomorrow. I am in need of a vacation from this vacation.

More of our adventues om Disney coming tomorrow.


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