Vegas Attractions

Today we should have been able to slow down the pace. Well we thought we should but our 12 hour day on the strip seemed to be full of activity. I will also apologize again for the lack of pictures. The internet connection at the KOA in Las Vegas simply will not download the pics to the blog site. Hopefully once I get to California I can catch you up on pictures.

Can’t start a day in Vegas without a breakfast buffet. The Circus Circus buffet was just the perfect setting for that start. With items on the menu like chicken fried steak (who eats that for breakfast?…well Jacob actually tried it) to the traditional breakfast selections, the buffet lived up to the very low standard we had set for it.

After breakfast it was on to what Vegas has to offer for those who don’t want to gamble, drink booze, or chase women. We started with the CSI attraction at the MGM hotel. Here we got the chance to solve a crime by examining the forensic evidence. It was a lot of fun and we all earned our CSI certificates.

Next was the Mob exhibit at the Tropicana. Here we learned about the mob’s dynasty in Las Vegas and even got to participate in some mob “activities”. That is until Ryan got us all wacked. There was also a video about the making of The Godfather and how the NY mob’s participation in that production. It was a very interesting story.

Now it was off to the Luxor Hotel where we checked out the Scores attraction. This was an interactive sports exhibit where we could learn some sports history and also test our athletic abilities. In the end we were awarded sports contracts with Debbie earning the highest signing bonus of $20 million (boy I wish!).

As hunger set in it was time for another……buffet! Yes this time at the Luxor we enjoyed a variety of foods from around the world ending with some sweet temptations. Actually the dessert wasn’t bad. All in all another low quality meal (as expected).

Finally we headed back to Circus Circus for amusements in the Adventuredome. This indoor theme park allowed us to ride a roller coaster, play laser tag, and compete in bumper cars. The boys were hopping from ride to ride until we finally had to pull them out of there at 8 PM.

Afterwards, we played some cards and cooked some dinner in the RV. Now its time for bed for everyone….including me. Tomorrow we head to Anaheim for a few days at Disneyland. However, not before hitting some other Rt 66 towns (sing the song and see if you can figure them out).

Good night!


One thought on “Vegas Attractions

  1. I have been following your adventures and may have to take that trip someday! Barstow, San Bernardino…

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