Our Final State

First I will start with another apology on the pictures. Seems that a lot of these RV parks use the same internet service and it simply won’t download these larger picture files. So you will be stuck with just text and your imagination to visualize these stories.

So today it was time to leave the sin city and head to Cali. This is the ninth and final state we will be visiting. We got an early start so that we could get through the desert before the heat really kicked in. So early that everyone was still in their pajamas when we left (except me). After another $125 of gas and a cup of coffee at the Circle K we were on our way.

The ride through the desert was extremely uneventful. Our first stop was Barstow which was a fairly depressed town similar to Kingman. It was made famous by the Santa Fe rail yard running through it. After a couple of pictures from the RV we were on our way again.

After and Barstow and just beyond Helendale in Oro Grande there is a folk art stop called the bottle tree ranch. Unfortunately we did not run into its creator, Elmer Long. He created this attraction with junk that he used to collect with his father. Over 200 of these bottle trees are at the ranch. Sitting in the middle of nowhere it was a rather cool spot. You can find pics of it on the internet. Quite unique if you are interested.

After the bottle ranch it was time for lunch and we had the just the spot. Emma Jean’s Holland Burger in Victorville was our destination. Made famous by “Kill Bill” and Diners Drive ins and Dives this joint was the real deal. Jacob might have replaced Sid’s (from back in Oklahoma) with this place as his new favorite burger.

With our stomachs full we continued on our journey to San Bernardino, Rialto, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga (I really like saying that), Upland, and Claremont taking photos of the Rt 66 icons along the way.

Now it was time to get to our final spot for the day, Anaheim. The Anaheim Resort RV Park is nice, clean and safe. We parked, got hooked up, and then headed out to Downtown Disney for some jazz music and Cajun cuisine. Before dinner we bought our park tickets for the next two days. You cannot believe what it costs for a family of four to go to Disneyland. Anyone who complains about the price of gasoline should go to a Disney park and pay admission. $125 on a tank of gas doesn’t seem so bad now.

We called it an early evening because the next two days will be long as we hit the parks. Tomorrow we hit the main Disneyland theme park. Plan to get an early start and probably a late finish. If I get back too late I may postpone the next post to Thursday. Stay tuned…..


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