A Grand Day at the Canyon

So for those who looked at my last post prior to the time of this post please note that I updated it so that the title makes more sense. We did stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona….and it was such a fine sight.

So yesterday we hiked the canyon. The park service provides ranger guided hikes that provide tips and information along the way. The hike we chose was at the South Kaibob trail which required to get on the 6 AM hikers express bus from out lodge. Another early morning but absolutely worth it.  Walking out the door of the lodge we were greeted by the mule deer getting breakfast on the lawn.

I just want some breakfast

I just want some breakfast

The early start also meant I could catch a picture of the sun rising over the canyon.


We got to the South Kaibob trailhead around 6:30 and had a little time before our hike to get a family photo.  A really special day for all of us to be together.


We would walk 3 miles round trip and our hike would be 1120 feet down into the canyon (and back up—ugh!). It was diverse group of people with a couple from Denmark, a young chap from Sweden, and some grandparent with their grandchildren (as young as 7!) that had hit 7 national parks already. It took us about an hour to get down and an hour an a half back up. Trail was steep but we trudged along and made it back safely. Of course we were rewarded with some great views.

Our guide gives instruction

Our guide gives instruction

And down the canyon we go

And down the canyon we go




Afterwards we had some lunch then walked along the rim trail headed west. Another nice walk and nice views of the canyon. By this point we were exhausted and took a few hours to rest. Enjoyed some dinner than a program at an outdoor ampetheater on some Grand Canyon history and we called it a day.

Today we head to the Hoover Dam and then Vegas baby! Not sure you will hear much about that. As you know “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.


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