Standing on a corner and then on a canyon – July 5th

So I am a day behind on these. Yesterday dinner ended late and we were tired so did’t get the post out. Will talk about today’s (July 6th) activities in the next post.

So after the kids finished their all you can eat pancakes on Friday morning at the KOA (was told they were pretty good), we headed out. Couldn’t leave Holbrook without a picture at the Wigwam Hotel. For those who know the movie Cars, this hotel is the inspiration for the Cozy Cone Hotel.

Are those guys lost?

Are those guys lost?

We then headed to Meteor Crater, the largest preserved asteroid crater in the US. I find it amazing that they never found anything other than small fragments of the meteor.


After meteor crater we had to stop in Winslow, Arizona because we were looking for a girl in a flatbed ford. Amazingly enough the Kaufman family donated some land to create that exact scene. So we found that girl and the flatbed ford.


We headed to Kingman, Arizona for a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives lunch but as the song goes we could not forget Winona. The problem is we got off the exit and before we could blink we were out of Winona. I guess that is why it is often forgotten….

Off to the Grand Canyon to meet Uncle Adam and Surreina for our two days together at the Thunderbird Lodge. We entered the park at the southeast end and stopped at the Dessert View point. Got out fitst pic of the canyon.


Pictures don’t do this justice but I will try and take as many as I can.

Aren't they handsome?

Aren’t they handsome?

Well that is yesterday in a nutshell. Will get today’s post out later hopefully. We had a great day. Stay tuned…..


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