Happy birthday America

Our day began very early yesterday with a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Our pilot Jonathan gave a super smooth ride up as high as 3000 feet above the ground. What a cool way to start our July 4th celebration.




From there we set out to the petroglyph national park and hiked the boca negra canyon to check out the petroglyphs left by the pueblo Indians in this volcanic site somewhere between 1300 and 1600 AD. We enjoyed the short hike here up to the top of the Mesa.


Next we were off to the ice caves in Grants, New Mexico. This is another volcanic site on the continental divide that was created by a collapsed lava tube. The tube is a 20 foot pool of ice that is maintained by a unique set of conditions that keep the cave no higher than 31 degrees. It does not sit that far below the surface so it is quite an interesting phenomenon.


Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our brush with disaster. Running out of gas as we approached the exit to the ice cave, I passed on the most viewable gas station which was about ½ mile in the opposite direction we were headed. I decided to head towards the cave in hopes of finding the first gas station in that direction which was 25 miles from the exit. Well as civilization continued to dwindle I should have realized that we were not going to find that gas station. Now I knew we had enough gas to get to the ice cave. The question was would we get back. Its embarrassing enough for a gasoline trader to run out of gas but even worse than that is how much it would suck if we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Alas we made it safely back to the gas station and crisis was averted. However it did cost $185 to fill us up.

Well from the ice caves we were headed to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona (the 7th state on our RV tour). We followed the 28 mile road taking stops to check out one of nature’s wonders. It was really quite beautiful. Here are a couple of pics.



Petrified wood

Petrified wood

Finally we made it to our campsite in Holbrook, Arizona. We got our laundry done and enjoyed a traditional July 4th barbeque right there. After a dip in the pool, we promised Jacob we would make smores. Unfortunately there is a ban on campfires in the state of Arizona. Persitance prevailed and using a lighter and a fork we roasted those marshmallows and enjoyed our smores at our campsite. We also were able to see the town fireworks in the distance from the campsite completing our July 4th celebration.

Today, we head to the Grand Canyon to meet my brother and spend a few days in a hotel. While the RV accommodations are actually ok, not having to hook up a hose for water is a nice thought.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more stories of our tavels…..


One thought on “Happy birthday America

  1. Thank goodness you didn’t run out of gas! Didn’t you remember Bruce’s advice! After all you are in the wilderness!!

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