Half way accross

So we got out of Palo Duro around 9:30 and our phones reconnected to our electronic world. Our stay there was very nice but we had a schedule to keep and needed to get back on the road.

On Wednesday we needed to get to Albuquerque, NM. We first stopped at the famous Cadillac ranch just outside of Amarillo. Created in 1974 by three hippie artists the ranch remains in place with visitors spraying their own graffiti on any of the ten cars buried on the ranch.


From the Cadillac Ranch it was on to breakfast at the midway café. In Adrian Texas, this is the midway point between Chicago and LA along Rt 66. Can you believe that we are half way through the Rt 66 leg of our trip?


Standing on the half way line

Standing on the half way line

While at the café, a group of overseas bikers riding the route stopped in for a cup of coffee. Members of this tour group spanned as far as England, New Zealand, and Australia. For some this was not their first ride along the famous road. In fact one biker was so wrapped up in the hype that he permanently inscribed the road on his body


Crossing over into New Mexico we then we checked out a tee pee built into a building in Tucumcari. Basically we stopped here so we can say we visited a place named Tucumcari. Kind of rolls of the tongue…


From there we hit Santa Rosa and the Rt 66 Auto Museum. In existence for 13 years the museum is packed with cars from all eras. We all dreamed of the car we would take for ourselves but everyone seemed to agree on the 57 chevy convertible.


Finally it was time to get to Albuquerque. The RV park here is basically a trailer park with many RV’s permanently grounded and spots for visitors like us. The main attraction in Albuquerque is Sandia Peak which sits about 11,000 feet above sea level. Access is via the longest tram in the world (or so they claim). We rode the tram to the top and enjoyed dinner at the restaurant High Finance. The name lived up to the price but the food quality was only fair. What was most special was the view. From the top you can see 9% of the entire state of New   Mexico (over 10,000 square miles).




Well that sums up our day. Had to get to bed early (well everyone but me it seems). Today we have a 6 AM hot air balloon ride. A potential highlight of this trip….


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