Three State Day

Well as I mentioned in the last post the Springfield KOA was neighbor to the local rail road. Now I never saw the train but you had to be deaf not to hear it. By 9 AM we were ready to get out of there and continue our move south. We had to head through three states today…Missouri, Kansas (for only a very short bit), and Oklahoma. This trip is a Rt 66 trip but in order for us to cover enough ground and not let this trip carry into the new school year we had to take some time on the interstates. Today we spent a better part of our trip on I-44 which heads southwest through Missouri and Oklahoma. However we did spend time on the old Rt 66 which runs also through the lower south east section of Kansas. In fact Galena, Kansas had similarities to Radiator Springs from the the movie cars and sadly enough looks as run down as it did in the movie. But it did have an old converted gas station that still had the old tow truck that was the inspiration for Mater in the animated film.



Now we continued along into Oklahoma around lunchtime and made a stop at the Diary King in Commerce, Oklahoma. This town is barely on the map but is the site of Mickey Mantle’s childhood home. Also the Dairy King was made famous by Bonny and Clyde when they kidnapped the town constable from that site (which started as a gas station) and eventually killed him. You really had to look hard to find this place which had only four tables. It was run by a nice old lady with her son cooking burgers in the kitchen. I have to say the burgers were worth the trip!

Dairy King

Dairy King


Mickey Mantle's home

Mickey Mantle’s home

Next was a stop at the nut house and a look at a giant blue whale (you never know what you will encounter) and then we had to muscle through to Oklahoma City. At this point I was feeling tired and conceded to let Deb get behind the wheel of the Freedom Elite 32. I decided to go to the back bedroom, lie down…..and pray.

Captain Deb

Captain Deb

We made it safely to Oklahoma City (never a doubt) and checked into the RV park. The Twin Fountain RV Park is clearly the nicest one we have visited. With a pool, miniature golf, and basketball (among other things) this place was not half bad.

Off to the baseball field to watch the Oklahoma City Redhawks play the Albuqurque Isotopes. Sitting right behind home plate the game went down to the wire but the home team lost 6-4.  Weather was great and it was an enjoyable evening.


Take me out to the ball game

Take me out to the ball game


So now we are back to the campsite. Everyone is sleeping and getting prepared for another long day of driving tomorrow. But at the end we will be in Amarillo and enjoying Paldoro Canyon. More to come…………..


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