Barely connected

So today we moved from Oklahoma City to Amarillo, TX. We are stay inside inside Palo Duro (I spelled it wrong yesterday) Canyon State Park. No wifi and very limited cell service mean words only in this blog. I am standing on one foot holding a piece of tin foil in one hand and a wire hanger in the other to keep this reception. I will try to catch you up on pictures in the next one.

We had another good day with a start at the museum of osteology (the bones museum) in Oklahoma City and then we made a stop at the First Christian Church in Moore, OK to make a donation for people affected by the recent tornado. 17 congregants in this church lost their homes. Thank you again to the friends and family that gave us donations in our last minute collection. We did get to see some of the devastation in person and like Sandy, Mother Nature cannot be taken for granted. A sobering experience but certainly helped us keep our trip in perspective.

We then stopped at Sid’s diner in El Reno, OK made famous by Man vs Food where we ate the best burgers so far on this trip. Topped with fried onions, Jacob might go as far to say that it could be the best burger he ever tasted.

Next was Elk City where we took pictures of the elk (of course) and a super large Rt 66 sign. In Conway we stopped at the Bug Ranch where we got to spray paint half buried bugs (VW version). Pics were cool there. Finally ended in Palo Duro where we took a jeep tour in the canyon, had a chuck wagon meal and finally enjoyed Texas the musical. Jake enjoyed it the most shaking the hands of all the actors in the show afterwards.

The canyon here is beautiful. Our campsite sits in the middle of the canyon which spans over 120 miles. Stars are bright and it can be best described as peaceful. Pictures don’t do it justice.

I do want to comment on our drive through Oklahoma. We drove over 4 hours and most of it was in vast “nothingness”. I think we could see straight from Amarillo to Dallas. Did see a few frac wells along the way, many, many cows, and lots of hay bales.

Another full and exhausting day. Tomorrow we head to Albuquerque…..another 4.5 hour drive. The drives are long but we are enjoying our time together. Hopefully tomorrow I can send pictures too.


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