Springfield to St Louis…and back to Springfield

So its been a couple of day since my last post. My apologies but the days have been packed and I am having trouble downloading pictures.


So we left the Double J and on Saturday we spent the morning in Springfield, Ill leaning about our 16th president.


From where he lived….


yes that is the toiler...doesn't look like fun

yes that is the toilet…doesn’t look like fun

To where he was laid to rest.


I even got to get up close and personal with the first lady


I think she was speechless!

Since Springfield is also the state capital of Illinois we snapped a few photos of the capital landmarks

Old capital building

Old capital building

New capital building

New capital building

So after Springfield is was off to St Louis but not before hitting some of the sights in between including lunch at Cozy Dog for lunch. Oh yeah and we gassed our traveling home (still looking for a name for our RV). To all my gasoline trading friends….demand is up! About 30 gallons and $114 dollars later (only a little over a half a tank) we were on our way to more gas guzzling.

From there we moved along the old road through Gillespie, Ill and then stopped for some ice cream with a surfer dude and some other unique lawn ornaments.


Staunton, Ill was next with I have to say the most unusual road side stop. Henry’s Rabbit Ranch is exactly what it sounds like…(would insert the pics I took here of the live rabbits, rabbit statue, and volkswagon rabbit – yes all at the same spot)

Well at this point we wanted to get to St   Louis so we boogied along and arrived at the St Louis RV Park (will comment at the end of this post). We were later than we had hoped so only time for one stop which was the City Museum. An old scrap collector was the brains behind this site turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure (yes very cliché). Ryan said this was the coolest museum he has ever visited.

city museum outside 2city museum roof

Sunday morning we planned on riding up the arch but a long line and a later than expected start prevented that. Nonetheless we got up close and personal.


We did get to see an interesting movie about its construction. Did you know that it was designed to move less than 18 inches in 150 mph winds? I thought that was and impressive engineering fact (my inner geek emerges…)

Off to the Anheiser Bush factory and a tour of the brewery (had some cool pictures if I could add them)

The tour was very cool and at the end we even got some …free beer!!

Now back in the car and off first to the Jesse James Museum

Yes this place was as cheesy as it sounds (not even worth adding pictures). However, an interesting fact is that there is debate as to when Jesse James died. There was a claim that the real Jesse James died in 1951 not in 1882.

Meremac Caverns was the next stop which was rather cool (literally). Stalactites and stalagmites impressed us (I’d show you the pictures but still can”t download them)

The caverns was in a complex including activities along the Meremac River and an attached campgrounds. This seemed to attract all sorts of people (somehow I was able to download this pic)….

Deb wanted to ask here where she bought that suit!

Deb wanted to ask here where she bought that suit!

At this point we were hungry and had dinner at the Missouri Hickory Barbeque

A few more Rt 66 icons and a stop in Devils Elbow, MO (There should be a pic here of a large rocking chair and devils elbow bridge)

And then it was to the Springfield KOA campground but not in Illinois…..this time Springfield, Missouri.

Now I want get back to a description of the campgrounds. We really haven’t spent much time at these places but they have varied. Springfield, Ill was as I expected. This was a roadside campground with mostly people on vacation. I should have had my antennae up when we arrived at The St Louis RV Park. Now the facilities were fine with a pool, laundry, and the proper hooks ups for an RV. But this was really nothing more than a glorified parking lot in a city. When the attendant said they chain the gate to keep the “boogers” out that was when I realized there would be no camp songs and smores at night. You also are not a Harvard graduate working at once of these locations. Not even sure if you are a high school grad. Springfield, MO is a KOA with both RVers and those pitching tents…again as expected. EXCEPT, the camp must sit just beyond a rail track because for every 30 minutes (or so it seemed) we were aroused by the piercing whistle of the train. It really felt like something from My Cousin Vinny (if you get the movie reference). RV camping is quite the experience……

Well that is all for now. I hope I can sort out this issue downloading pics in the next post. Today we head to Oklahoma City. Will catch you up later on our activities.


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