Hit the road jack

So yesterday was met our temporary home for the next two weeks on the 31 foot Fourwinds Freedom Elite. I think our mobile hotel needs a proper nickname. Suggestions are welcome.


We first loaded up on groceries at the local Jewel Osco supermarket in Waucunda, Il. Bruce you can be comforted that we made our proper purchase of teddy grahams and baby wipes.


Then we hit the road and headed to Rt 66 raceway in Joliet, Il. I was at the helm with co-pilot Ryan helping me navigate. Please note the officer hats.


 Rt 66 signs and landmarks were easy to spot.


Mother nature has not been our friend lately and that was no different as we arrived at the Rt 66 raceway


Our visit to the track was short but we did get to see a few races, got down to pit row, and even got close to the track


Don’t I look good on a Harley?

So after Joliet we tried to stick to the historic Rt 66 route making it through some small towns including Wilmington, Pontiac, Dwight, Lincoln, Springfield and then to our final destination in Chatham. Our stop in Pontiac we got some good shots of some Rt 66 landmarks


A Rt 66 trip would not be complete without some “Giant” encounters


Well at this point we were wiped and ready to hit the sack. Not before we hot the Wallmart to acquire some more supplies. Finally we found our campsite, hooked up, unpacked and then lights out. Actually not too bad for the first night. Everyone seemed to sleep well.

Today we will check out some of the famous Lincoln sites and then off to St Louis. Stay tuned……





4 thoughts on “Hit the road jack

  1. hi scott, debby and boys. I see you are scheduled to cover 486 mi in 4.5 hours tomorrow. that’s something like 115 mph. buy cbob. Looks like the family having a great time and creating awesome memories.

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