Wasn’t easy but we got there….

So after the last post we found out that weather in Chicago was going to slow us down. Flash flooding affected the rails and the roads and our arrival was 5 hours later than expected.


However that didn’t discourage us as Deb whipped out her trusty binder and simply reorganized our day.  After we unloaded our many bags at the hotel we strolled through Grant Park and Millenium Park. Below is a photo op of me and the boys at Buckingham Fountain:

buckingham fountain

We met my cousin Robin at “the bean” in Milleniun Park. This can only be described as a shiny metal structure with very cool reflective properties. Below I share a couple of shots:


jacob bean ryan bean

Starving at this point we head to Giordano’s pizza for some famous Chicago stuffed deep dish pizza.


A special shout out to my cousin Robin for showing us around and of course introducing us to Giordano’s (I am going to the gym when I am done with this post).

After dinner we walked off our meal and headed to the Navy Pier which was hopping on a Wed night:

DSC_0908 DSC_0933

Funny enough we met Bob Newhart sitting very still near a metal couch……


Bob wasn’t very talkative so we continues on and checked out the stain glass museum:


And then our night at the navy pier ended with an exciting display of fireworks;


Well we were hoping to take a taxi home but the boys talked me into taking a bicycle taxi. Now I told the driver of this bike that our hotel was about 1.5 miles from the pier. However I do not think he properly evaluated the total weight of his passengers. At one point I thought we were going to have to get out and push this thing that was pulling all four of us. Nonetheless we made it but not quite yet to our hotel. As you know this trip is about travelling Rt 66. Well the official start of Rt 66 is only a few blocks from our hotel on Adams St just off of Michigan Ave so we thought it was appropriate that on the first day of our trip to get a pic in front of the official beginning of the famous road…

Rt 66 sign

At this point everyone was exhausted and it was time to hit the sack. Thursday will be another fun filled day so stay tuned for more stories. Everyone is still sleeping so its off to the gym for me…..




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