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Team Gerbman got started today with breakfast at the famous Lou Mitchells.


Rt 66 clock at Lou Mitchells

Rt 66 clock at Lou Mitchells

After breakfast it was a short walk down the block to visit the Willis Tower.


Up to the 103 floor skydeck we enjoyed the view from the 6th tallest building in the world.


View of our hotel

View of our hotel


From there we boarded the subway and off to the Wrigley Field tour that we missed yesterday.


We learned much about the history of Wrigley. The Cubs were called the Chicago Whales before they were the Cubs. Also the original stadium was not built with the outfield wall. In fact a rope was held in the outfield and was adjusted by the home team closer and farther depending if the home team or away team was at the plate. MLB eventually had Chicago install something more permanent and the first wall was made of wood. Eventually the brick wall we know was installed and the famous ivy was installed in 1937.

The team locker room is not very current by today’s standards but it is the third version of the clubhouse since the stadium was built.


We made it down on the field and into the dugout which also did not seem very glamorous

DSC_1182 DSC_1181

Had lunch at DMK burger on the Diners Drive ins and Dives tour. Then back on the subway and back to the navy pier. We were hoping to rent bikes and cruise by the lake but mother nature had other ideas so we tried on some funny hats and then headed back to the hotel pool for some relaxing.


Notice who was smart enough to not get caught in one of those hats!

Well tomorrow we begin our RV adventure. Since tomorrow the Blackhawks parade right near our hotel we are getting out of here early so we don’t get stuck. Hope to post again tomorrow night with some more great pictures and stories.

Good night!



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