Training It….


So we boarded the train first from Red Bank to NY Penn Station and then onto Amtrak train 49 from NYC  headed to Chicago. Our first adventure in a sleeper car can be described as “cozy”. Not the Four Seasons but it was functional. Here are a few pictures of the room.





Believe it or not the above is also our toilet and sink (see if you can figure it out).

Our porter Melanie (aka Mrs. Happy) took care of our stay in the sleep car. At our stop in Albany got a optic with the boys:



After Albany was dinner which wasn’t five star but not one star either.


After dinner we played a few card games then off to bed. Everyone slept ok if waking up at 3 then 4 then 5 and finally 6 is considered “ok”.. However woke up just after Sandusky, OH and got a nice view of Lake Erie.


Just finished breakfast and stopped in Toledo. Will be in Chicago in a few hours and then off to the races. Will post tonight again after our our first day in Chi-town.


3 thoughts on “Training It….

  1. Thanks to Robin Simon, I’m coming along on your cross-country journey. ‘ Hope the adventure is a great one!
    XX Cousin Elliot

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